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Charnwood Morticers

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A range of Charnwood Hollow Chisel Morticers to suit everyone from the DIY enthusiast to Professioanl Trade Workshop.
5/8'' Charnwood Hobby Bench Top Morticer with Sliding Bed

5/8'' Charnwood Hobby Bench Top Morticer with Sliding Bed

Ref: W316

Bench top hollow chisel morticer with an accurate sliding table system.

W316 Package Deal

W316 Accessories


1" Charnwood Trade Floor Standing Morticer with 3/4" Chisel Bush

Ref: W325

This floorstanding hollow chisel mortiser has a huge timber capacity of 8" x 6" and can cut to the full depth of the chisel.

W325 Package Deal

W325 Accessories

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