Speedskim ST 300mm Plasterers Rule Speedskim ST 300mm Plasterers Rule Ref: ST300
The Speedskim ST 300mm plastering rule is great for detailed work including window and door reveals, and those awkward sockets/services. The ST flexible blade properties are very useful when used on winding staircases and detailed curved work.

Perfect for Skim Coat plasters, the ST 300mm enables you to keep the surface moisture on your detailed work consistent with the main areas of plaster.

Extremely effective for Taping & Jointing the ST 300mm smoothes drywall compounds with ease, leaving an improved seamless finish.

•Skim Coat Plasters (including Multi-Finish, Board Finish and MP Finish)
•Taping & Jointing, Backing Plasters
•One Coat Plasters
•Spray Plasters
•Sand & Cement
•Lime Renders
•Monocouche systems (K Rend/Pro Rend)
This size is also very effective for general wall filling and ideal for smoothing and trimming vinyl wall coverings.
Price: 29.50 Inc VAT (24.58 Ex VAT)